One World Week


We had very exciting, fun packed week. Abercrombie Primary School celebrated ‘One World Week’ which focuses on different cultures and religions in England and around the world .

We had an exhibition provided by the Open Centre in Derby in the school hall.

Parents and carers were invited to have a look after school on Thursday 8th October to view the children’s work and see what we got up to whilst looking at the different religions and cultures we have been learning about. 

We have had some lovely feedback from parents/carers, which is always a pleasure to hear. Some comments...

Dear Mrs Gannon,

I just wanted to get in touch to say what a wonderful idea I think One World Week is. I think that the values that it  aims to teach are so vital for young children to learn and develop. 

###### has absolutely loved it, he has spoken to me more about what he has done this week then any other, like most children he is not always that forthcoming........ He has been really proud of the things he has made and the songs that he has learnt and we have had some great conversations at home about different religions and cultures. 

Kind regards 


Dear Mrs Gannon and all the staff of Abercrombie School,

We just wanted to say a big thank you for the One World Week which you all organised for last week. ##### and ##### both got so much out of it and thoroughly enjoyed all of the different activities and experiences. You have obviously all put so much work into the week and it was wonderful to hear how the children mixed with their class mates and others around the school, and were able to get to know different members of staff too - a great week for the whole school.

We really appreciate all the extra work and effort that has been put into making it such a brilliant week.

Thank you


One World Week—Here is an overview of what we got up to.


The whole school participated in various workshops which were led by school staff and volunteers. Activities included singing, dancing, art work, cooking, story telling etc.


We continued with our workshops. Classes also took part in an Indian dance workshop (Bollywood).


Year 5 and Year 6 went to visit the Open Centre and took part in a faith trail (Mandir and Mosque). This was an off site R.E lesson and is part of the Derbyshire R.E agreed syllabus and the national curriculum.

The Open Centre have a website explaining the fantastic work that they do, please click on the link to the right for further information.

Thursday and Friday

All classes learnt about a Hindu wedding and had the opportunity to have their hands painted with henna