1. The name of the school is Abercrombie Community Primary School.
  2. The school is a Community school.
  3. The name of the governing body is "The governing body of Abercrombie Community Primary School".
  4. The governing body shall consist of:-

(a) 4 Parent Governors:

(b) 1 LA governors:

(c) 1 Staff governors:

(d) 1 Head Teacher

(e) 8 Co-opted governors:

(f) 2 Associate Members

  1. Total number of governors is 15.
  2. The term of office of all governors is 4 years.
  3. This Instrument of Government comes into effect on18th June2018 replacing the Instrument of Government made on 18th November 2013.
  4. This Instrument was made by order of Derbyshire Local Authority on 18 June 2018.
  5. A copy of the Instrument of Government must be supplied to every member of the governing body (and the Head teacher if not a governor).   


APPOINTMENT OF GOVERNORS – Correct as at 1st November 2022



Name of Governor

Date Appointed

Appointment Expiry Date


Head Teacher

Tracy Gannon

September 2013


Staff Governor (1)

Karen Dobson

1st November 2021

31st October 2025

Local Authority Governor (1)

Glynn Carter

16th March 2021

15th March 2025

Co Opted Governors (8)

Jill Brunt

1st November 2021

31st October 2025

Marion Thorpe

21st January 2020

20th January 2024

Oluseyi Campbell

30th November 2021

29th November 2025

Marcia Burton

29th March 2022

28th March 2026

Ben Hanson

5th July 2022

4th July 2026










Parent Governor (4)

Steven Jepson

24th June 2022

23rd June 2026

Antonia Kelly

2nd October 2020

1st October 2024

Lauren Wallace

2nd October 2020

1st October 2024




Associate Members (1)

Stephen Browes

27th September 2022

26th September 2026