Creative Homework 


This term, the children can choose from the following activities:

Creative Homework Project

Thank you again to all the children who completed their creative homework projects last term. We had some absolute corkers last term – Minecraft videos and beautiful art work! For this term, the children have the option of:

  • A speech, presentation or poster on ways we can take care of our planet. Think about recycling, plastic use or ways to reduce our carbon footprint.
  • A fact file on an interesting and unusual sea creature. You might want to link back to our previous topics and discuss its circulatory system and how it is adapted to its environment.
  • A piece of art work using Katsushika Hokusai as inspiration. Hokusai used block printing to produce his art work (carving images into wood). There are lots of videos on YouTube if you fancy given block printing a go or maybe you just want to use his work for your own ideas.
Banksy | Girl With Balloon (2004) | Artsy Romero Britto Inspired Hearts | Deep Space Sparkle