Welcome to our fantastic Year 2 class!


Our Minibeasts


 In Y2, we have been watching our caterpillars as they have grown and shed their skin. When they arrived they were very small indeed.

Over the the last 3 weeks they have eaten all the brown mushed up leaf food and have shed their skin at least 4 times. This is what they looked like.

On Friday 24th May, the caterpillars made their cocoons.

Our tadpoles

 Our tadpoles have also grown and grown. They do not shed their skin but the do start to grow legs! First the back legs grown and after that the front legs. By this time the tadpole is starting to develop lungs to so them it can jump out of the water and breathe. When it gets to this stage in its life it is called a froglet. We have about 6 froglets!

Update 3rd June 2023 - We now have 4 more froglets! Wow!