At Abercrombie Primary School we aim to make music an enjoyable learning experience. We encourage children to participate in a variety of musical experiences through which we aim to build up the confidence of all children. Singing lies at the heart of all good music teaching.


In class

Music throughout the school is taught from Music Express Online, a scheme published by A&C Black, which links to the new curriculum. The essence of Music Express is to create a topic-based, cross-curricular approach to support children’s learning in music and across other subjects through music. A steady progression plan has been built into Music Express, both within each year and from one year to the next, ensuring consistent musical development.

We also work closely with the Derbyshire Music Hub to provide the children the opportunity to learn an instrument. Over the years we have provided classes with the opportunity to learn an instrument for the whole year. This has included instruments such as the trumpet and ukulele. This year we have opted to run several short term sessions to allow more classes to enhance their musical skills.

Y1, Y2 and Y3 Music Lessons with Mr Bob Woffinden

These classes are currently taking part in weekly 30 minute music lessons taught by Mr Bob Woffinden, a highly trained and experienced music teacher. Every child has been given their own Recorder and Mr Woffinden  will be introducing the children to the musical notes. The lessons will be delivered in a fun and enthusiastic way using  rhymes, song, movement, games and instrumental work.

The children will be exploring the key musical concepts including:

  • Pulse | keeping a steady beat
    Rhythm | patterns of sound and silence
    Tempo | awareness of musical speed
    Pitch | distinction of high and low notes
    Dynamics | distinction of loud and quiet
    Silence | awareness of no sound at all

The lessons aims to develop:

  • Auditory discrimination, memory and sequencing | tuning into and remembering sounds
    Communication skills | encouraging to talk about their experiences using new vocabulary
    Creativity and confidence | allowing children to be creative with music and be confident in their exploration
    Spatial awareness, fine and gross motor skills | exercises and activities to focus co-ordination and develop an awareness of environment
    Turn-taking and team work | developing the principles of working together and sharing.
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Music tuition

Pupils at Abercrombie Primary School are offered the opportunity to study a musical instrument with peripatetic teachers. Peripatetic music teaching is organised by the Local Education Authority. Parents who want their children to benefit from the scheme must purchase or hire the instruments and pay the additional music lesson fees on a termly basis. These lessons are normally taught to a small group of children either after school, at lunchtime or during normal lessons. Instruments available for lessons include guitar, drums, recorder, piano and a range of brass and woodwind instruments.

Mr Bob Woffinden teaches Brass, Woodwind and Violin. Bob has been teaching for many years and is a member of the Associated Board of the Royal School of Music. Please pick up a leaflet from the entrance area or ask at Reception. Bob also teaches the drums and the recorder.

Mr Andrew Marples teaches the piano to children in school. Again, he is a highly skilled piano teacher. Please pick up a leaflet from the entrance area or ask at Reception.

We also have a gentleman called Steve who teaches children to play the guitar or ukulele. Please ask at Reception for further details.  

Abercrombie's achievements

Abercrombie takes an active part in the local community. The Pop choir have performed alongside 'The Drifters' at the Winding Wheel, taken part in the Young Voices concert at the Sheffield Arena with the African choir and performed in the town centre singing Christmas songs. KS2 have worked with The Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment, performing at the Pomegranate Theatre for several years. Mr Marples takes the school choir from year 2 - year 6. They have taken part in local competitions including the Bolsover & Chesterfield Music festival.



Take a look at some of the wonderful things Abercrombie have been doing....

Brass assembly with Mr Woffinden