Modern Foreign Languages


Subject Lead is Mr Himsworth


The core language taught at Abercrombie Primary School is French. Our planning is taken from the Rigolo scheme of work which covers all the components of the Programme of Study. It is the intention that all children in KS2 will access first quality teaching of French by their class teacher in order to adequately prepare them for KS3.  

French is taught in a whole-class setting and follows the interactive online scheme ‘Rigolo’.  The course is planned carefully so that teachers can easily follow a structured progression through Key Stage 2, covering the KS2 Framework for Modern Languages.

Planning is formal and organised into units. Clear links are made to the Key Stage 2 Framework for Languages in the National Curriculum.  Rigolo 1 is aimed at Years 3 and 4 and Rigolo 2, Years 5 and 6.  From September 2022, as this is a new language in school, when Rigolo is implemented, all year groups from Years 3-6 will begin on Rigolo 1 at Unit 1 to ensure full coverage.

Rigolo 1 and 2 is divided into 12 units: six units per year, or two per term.  Each unit is then divided into four or five lessons.  The course combines whiteboard activities with class activities using the flashcards and other materials, so there is a varied approach across different learning styles.  Each unit is based on an animated story.  Each lesson is framed by a starter and plenary activities to refresh pupils’ memory of language learnt previously or to reflect on what has just been learnt.  Most lessons proceed to introduce a set of new language – usually only five to eight words or short phrases at a time – in a presentation.  The new language is then practiced in a mixture of whiteboard and class activities.