A Forest School session at Linacre
A Forest School session at Linacre
A Sports Day visit from Chester the field mouse
A Sports Day visit from Chester the field mouse

At Abercrombie Primary it is always our aim to continue to raise participation and standards in P.E., especially through the use of competition and high quality P.E. lessons throughout the school.

We have outstanding outside spaces for sport and exercise including: enclosed tennis courts with markings for hockey, netball and basketball; an inside hall with badminton markings and a well stocked P.E. cupboard; an enclosed multi-use games area (M.U.G.A.) with goals for football for two small pitches or one large one. These areas are made the most of during P.E. lessons as well as at break and lunch times. 

We aim for high quality lessons that are challenging and engaging for all children.


Our main aims within the subject this year are:

  1. To begin a Forest School programme so that children can improve their physical and mental health through regular outdoors sessions.
  2. To continue to increase participation in competition and extra-curricular sport. (Our intention is for both Infants and Juniors to participate in sports competitions locally each term.)
  3. To help children understand what contributes towards a healthy lifestyle.
  4. To provide high quality, active P.E. lessons where children make progress, raise their pulse rate and develop new skills.
  5. To ensure a clear progression in skills acquired in P.E. through the school
  6. To make pupils aware of their progress and what to do to improve further.