Our School Uniform


The school has a smart dress code which we expect all children to wear.
Please name all items of uniform clearly.

School Uniform




White Shirt or Polo Shirt

White Blouse or Polo Shirt

Royal Blue Jumper/Sweatshirt

Royal Blue Cardigan or Jumper

Grey Trousers or Shorts

Grey Skirt/Pinafore or Trousers

Grey/Black Socks

White/Grey Socks or Tights

Black School Shoes

Black School Shoes

School Tie (optional)

School Tie (optional)


Blue Summer Dress


School uniform is available from the school supplier. Orders are placed on a regular basis with order forms and samples to view, available from the school office. Parents can of course purchase uniform from any supplier they choose; the logo is completely optional.


PE Kit

Year Group

PE Kit

All Children

White t-shirt or polo short and black or navy shorts

All Children

Plimsolls (Velcro if possible for KS1)

Juniors Only

Trainers for outdoor games

Juniors Only

Tracksuit in cold weather (optional)


Long hair should be tied back. Hair accessories should be minimal and preferably in school colours. Hair should be kept out of children’s eyes using headbands, clips and slides; again preferably using school colours. During term time, pupils are not allowed hairstyles which include: shaved, dyed or streaked hair, beading, patterns, mohawks, lines and tramlines.

Jewellery, Make-up and Nails

The wearing of jewellery, except for plain stud earrings and watches, is not allowed on safety grounds. Jewellery MUST be removed before children take part in physical education or undertake any physical activities.

Pupils are not allowed to wear make-up or false nails to school. False nails are     inappropriate and unnecessary as pupils are often required to engage in practical activities and the nails could pose a safety issue.