Home Learning


Should a class bubble close due to COVID, teachers will teach live lessons through Microsoft Teams. It is expected that all children should access these lessons, every day. Every lesson counts in your child’s learning. 

All children have been given their own usernames (Abercrombie email addresses) and passwords to access Microsoft Teams via RM Unify. They should use this when accessing live lessons so class staff can monitor who is active and in lessons. 

We may call you by telephone, especially those pupils who do not join the live teaching sessions. If you notice a missed call, please do phone back and we’ll find out who called you.

If you need to get in touch, please don’t hesitate to do so.

Remote learning will require access to a device, other than a telephone, such as a PC, iPad/Tablet or Laptop, as well as Wi-Fi connectivity. Headphones are helpful for online lessons to reduce other noise distractions and may help with focus in live meets. Please let us know if your child does not have access to a device for at least two hours a day. We do have a limited supply to loan out to children. If your child has any difficulties accessing the internet at home please email ict@abercrombie.derbyshire.sch.uk. We have free access to BT Wi-Fi (BT Hotspots) and Vodafone Data SIMs (30GB) to help assist with home-learning. 


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