Breakfast Club and After School Care

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At Abercrombie Primary School we are able to provide our parents/carers with a ‘Wrap Around Care’ service, this is available to children who attend our school in Nursery through to Year 6. We provide a ‘Breakfast Club’ and ‘After School Care’ at an additional cost to parents/carers, allowing a more flexible approach to their working day. Care is available from 7.45am up until 6pm.

Both of these services are run by fully qualified childcare staff whom also work within our school setting, this allows children to build a friendly rapport with our staff, it helps children feel more at ease and is also reassuring to parents that they know who is caring for their children.

These extra care provisions are chargeable and is only offered during term time and is only available to children who attend Abercrombie Primary School.

Safeguarding is paramount and we have procedures in place to protect your children and keep them safe whilst in our care.

Booking forms for either facility is available to download via the form tab on this site or from the school office, bookings should be made in advance, however should you require a place at short notice this might be available, but is subject to our staffing ratios.

For more information about either service, please ask to speak to Ms Mellors at the school office, who will be happy to assist.


Breakfast Club

Our schools ‘Breakfast Club’ has proven to be a very popular choice for working parents or parents with other commitments. Care is available from 7.45am and is only £3.50 per child per   session. This includes a healthy balanced breakfast such as cereal, toast, fruit, yoghurt and a drink of fruit juice, milk or water. Activities are provided for the children to keep them busy before the school day begins.

At the end of Breakfast Club (8.45am), children are taken to their classes by the staff running the club, this gives parents the reassurance that they are being safely handed over to the class teacher, ready for the school day to begin.


After School Care

Our schools ‘After School Care’ is growing as more parents take up the opportunity to work later or follow up on other commitments. Care is available from 3.30pm up until 6pm, a full session is only £7.50 per child per session. If your child attends one of our extra curricular after school clubs (Year 1 - Year 6 pupils), parents can still take up on the offer of ‘After School Care’ for a reduced price of £4.00. This includes tea, pudding and a drink. Activities are provided for the children to keep them busy after the school day, our staff will even help your child complete homework tasks.