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Board of Governors

The Board of Governors

The Board of Governors have a number of roles and responsibilities and this web page provides information about how it functions. The main role is to work together with the staff as a team for the benefit of the children, by providing advice and support to the school. To ensure that Abercrombie is the best school it can be, the Board of Governors makes sure that it has a clear vision, ethos and strategic direction. It holds the Head Teacher to account for the educational performance of the children and oversees the financial aspects.

Types of Governor at Abercrombie

Staff Governors: The Head Teacher is a member. In addition, a staff member has been elected by their fellow staff.

Parent Governors: These are parents of children at the school and are elected by fellow parents.

Local Authority Governors: These are appointed by the Local Authority (LA). There are always opportunities available for people to become LA governors and details can be found at https://www.derbyshire.gov.uk/education/school_governors/governor_application/

Co-Opted Governors: These are appointed by the governors according to their relevant skill set to meet the needs of the Board of Governors.

Clerk to Governors: This person is independent from the Board of Governors and is appointed to provide advice on procedures and regulations as well as ensuring that meetings are well documented. 

All governors receive appropriate training provided by the Local Authority to undertake the role. The term of office for a Abercrombie governor is up to four years and governors can be re-elected for further term.


The full Board of Governors meets at least once every term. Each governor is also appointed to committees that also meet at least once every term. Each committee produces minutes that are discussed at the full meeting.. A column is also produced for the Governor Newsletter.


Resources & Management Committee

Guided by the Strategic Development Plan, this committee is responsible for overseeing the financial management of the school and providing guidance in matters relating to the school premises.

Alongside the Head Teacher the school budget is reviewed to ensure it is well spent and provisions made for future developments.

This committee is also responsible for approving and monitoring policies relating to the management of staff, the staffing structure to meet the needs of the children, monitoring staff development and staff appointments.

The building costs for maintenance, repairs and future building contracts are also overseen. The committee also monitors the compliance with Health and Safety regulation

Performance & Standards Committee

This committee assists the Board of Governors to fulfil its responsibilities towards the curriculum provision, teaching and learning, achievement and standards, inclusion matters including Special Educational Needs and Looked After Children, pupil behaviour, health, wellbeing and safety, attendance and community relationships.

Special Roles

Some governors have specific and additional roles, including:

Community – Link Governor

Safeguarding & Child Protection Governor

This Governor has a duty to ensure that the school meets its statutory responsibilities and ensure that the children attending the school are safe by ensuring the school has effective safeguarding policies and procedures in place

Health & Safety Governor

The Governor ensures that the school has a policy on health and safety. Children should be able to experience a wide range of activities and Health and safety measures should help them to do this safely, not stop them.

Associate Members:

Appointed by the governing body to contribute to the work of committees through specialist skills or experience. Associate members are not governors and are not included in the school's Instrument of Government


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