Abercrombie Auction

On Thursday 10th October, 7.30pm at the Olde House pub, the Friends of Abercrombie will be hosting a charity auction to help raise money for new iPads for school. Tickets will cost £10 and will include a free buffet. 


Our current iPads are an impressive 10 years old, and while we are proud to have looked after them so well, they are becoming more and more obselete and not keeping up with the modern world we find ourselves in. The iPads are used daily and are a really wonderful teaching tool. They allow children to interact with the wider world, to take part in research and use all manner of educational apps. 


Our ultimate goal is to provide a whole class set of iPads in order to provide our wonderful Abercrombie children with the best equipment possible. 

So how can you help?

Have you a skill you can donate to be auctioned? Do you own, or work for a business that could donate an item or time? Are you able to take letters to local businesses to ask for donations? Any help, big or small, will all add up to making a huge difference to our end goal. Please speak to the office or Mrs Auton if you can help in any way.

Charity leaflet

Our charity request letter